Take the next step to protect your privacy

How you connect to the internet is as important to your privacy as your choice of browser. Secure your network connection with Firefox Private Network.

Protect your web history

Mask your browsing history from internet service providers so they can’t collect or sell it.

Feel safer on public Wi-Fi

Stop eavesdroppers from tracking which websites you visit on unsecured wireless networks.

Get trackers off your trail

Hide your location to throw off the websites and data collectors that profile you with ads.

Increase your network security, at home or anywhere

Choose between the Firefox browser extension or the VPN.

Browser-level protection

Extension for any desktop running Firefox


with a Firefox account

Lightweight browser extension

Free up to 12 hours a month

Get 12 one-hour passes

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Full-device protection

VPN for Windows and Android


for a limited time

30-day money-back guarantee

Choose from servers in 30+ countries

Connect up to 5 devices

iOS coming soon

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Available in the United States. More regions coming soon.

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Windows 10







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Built with trusted partners. Backed by Firefox.

Firefox products are designed to protect your privacy. Everything we make and do honors our Personal Data Promise.

Frequently asked questions

What is Firefox Private Network?

The Firefox Private Network Beta offers browser-level or device-level protection to protect you online. Our free browser extension protects web browsing within Firefox. Our paid VPN protects all internet connections on a device and is currently available for Windows 10 computers and Android devices.

What are the differences between the browser extension and the full-device VPN?

The free browser extension is available for Firefox for Desktop in the United States. At this time, it provides up to 12 hours of browser-level protection each month in the form of 12 one-hour passes.

The paid VPN protects your entire device and is currently available for Windows 10 and Android in the United States. The Firefox browser is not required to use the VPN.

What does Firefox Private Network protect me against?

Firefox Private Network protects you against spying and eavesdropping. It does this by masking your IP address and routing your web traffic through our partners’ secure servers. This stops eavesdroppers on public Wi-Fi networks, protects your browsing history from internet service providers so that they can’t collect or sell it, and hides your location from websites and data collectors that profile you to serve you targeted ads.

Why did Firefox launch this service as a beta?

By beta testing the Firefox Private Network browser-level protection and full-device protection offerings, your input can help us evolve these services. Your feedback will also help us decide which platforms and regions to expand to next. Beta does not mean the service is insecure or offers less protection. We’ve built the in-browser protection and full-device VPN with trusted partners who meet our rigorous privacy standards.

How is Firefox Private Network different than Incognito mode or private browsing?

Private browsing only hides your browsing activity from people who might use your browser, but not from the sites you visit or your internet service provider (ISP). Private browsing also doesn’t conceal your location. Firefox Private Network hides your location and prevents websites and ISPs from spying on your browsing.

Why do I need a Firefox account to use Firefox Private Network?

Requiring a Firefox account helps us prevent abuse of the service. An account ensures that your access to Firefox Private Network is protected and maintains the safety and security of payments.